Bird nest removal

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Bird nest and blockage removal in Stanstead Abbotts

Have you noticed any of the following lately?

Bird droppings
Twigs and sticks in the fireplace
Birds flying out of the fireplace or into the home
Poor smoke dispersion from the fire
Noise within the chimney

There could be birds nesting within the chimney pot or the chimney itself. We use the latest cctv technology to ensure that the nest is fully removed and the chimney is safe to use.

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Removals made easy

Bird nests can prevent dangerous gases from escaping the flue. We always recommend quick removal of bird nests before they cause serious issues. We use the standard power sweeping methods using a specialised brush head. This is designed to specifically remove bird nests from chimney flues. We also use a CCTV camera to ensure that we remove the nest completely. We then complete a smoke test to determine if the chimney has a sufficient draw. A simple way to preventing birds from nesting in your chimney is by fitting either a bird guard or cowl. We provide these services. Call us today.

We had problems with our chimney, Archway sorted it out and it's burning better than ever!

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