CCTV chimney inspections

in Ware, Hertford and Stanstead Abbotts

Are you facing an issue with your chimney?

Contact Archway Chimney Services. We provide comprehensive CCTV chimney inspections to detect and solve any issue with your chimneys. We serve customers in Hertford, Ware and beyond.



Cameras for comprehensive chimney inspections

To detect and diagnose any issue with a chimney, Archway Chimney Services uses a comprehensive camera system. This is a clean, quick, safe and effective way to identify the issues. Using the latest technology, we can pass a camera through the length of the flue. This can produce an accurate image of the surface and can identify any areas of concern. We use our camera to do the following:

 Highlight blockages due to nesting material, falling debris and any other material
Evidence areas of deterioration that may lead to smoke leakage
Highlight areas of concern or damage
Establish the necessity of a chimney liner or structural restoration

CCTV surveys to resolve any situation

  • If your flue is functioning poorly and fails an integrity test
  • If you've had a chimney fire
  • If you're buying a new home or renting out your property
  • If you have a blockage that can't be removed by sweeping
  • If you want to line your chimney
  • If you're reinstating an old flue
  • If you're planning building work or a loft conversion
  • If you're surveying a property.

After repair work, CCTV surveys can ensure that the work has been carried out properly.


What does a CCTV inspection involve?

Before your survey is done, your flue needs to be cleaned thoroughly. The three main reasons for this are:

  1. Heavy soot deposits in the flue can hide relevant issues
  2. Loose soot can fall into the camera and restrict a clear view
  3. Soot can cause a mess when inserting the CCTV camera along the length of the flue

Once your flue is cleaned, we can set up the CCTV equipment. The camera can be secured to a rod and brushed and fed up to the top of the flue. It can, then, capture an image on a screen. This can be recorded if necessary.


This is the note I sent top Archway Chimney Services after they fixed my chimney in Welwyn Garden City: "Thank you again for removing the nest from our chimney and fitting the bird guard yesterday. I don't think anybody else could have provided a better, cleaner, friendlier, service. I would not hesitate to recommend your business to others."

- George_JK

Archway Chimney Services provides CCTV chimney inspections for properties across Ware and Stanstead Abbotts.

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