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A range of successful projects in Stanstead Abbotts

At Archway Chimney Services, we provide a range of chimney fitting and cleaning services. We take pride in offering top-quality installations and maintenance solutions. From chimney surveys to smoke testing, we provide a range of services for clients across Ware and Stanstead Abbotts. Call us for more details.

1What areas do you cover?
Archway Chimney Services operates in the Ware, Stanstead Abbotts and Hertford area and surrounding villages, as well as stretching to the Hoddesdon, Broxbourne and Cheshunt area of Hertfordshire.
2Will chimney sweeping create a mess?
At Archway Chimney Services, we pride ourselves in leaving your property just as we found it! We provide heavy duty dust sheets to cover floors and furniture, cover hearths during the sweeping process and vacuum any sooty deposits that fall down the flue. We also have overshoes where necessary but are happy to remove our shoes if you would prefer
3Why can't I get the fire to work, or draw?
Regular maintenance is required to make a fire or stove work in the correct manner. The fire may not be working simply because there is a blockage in the flue itself. Although there are a number of possibilities, this is most commonly down to a build-up of soot creating a partial or total blockage. It is easily rectified by sweeping the flue and it is always best to try this first as it is the least costly solution. Another fairly common reason is a bird nesting within the chimney. Archway chimney services remove these in much the same method as with the standard sweep, replacing the brush with a bird hook, removing the nest, sweeping and finishing off with a smoke test. It is usually advisable to have a bird guard or cowl fitted to the terminal (pot) to prevent this from occurring again. Archway Chimney Services provide this service where required. Other reasons for the fire not working properly could include an incorrect cowl fitted at the terminal or a flaw in the design of the chimney.
4Why is smoke coming back into the room?

A partial or complete blockage - If the chimney is not well maintained (i.e. swept at suitable intervals to a sufficient standard), there can be a build-up of soot containing creosote on the walls of the flue. This can lead to a partial blockage, meaning that the dangerous gases cannot escape. Animal nests, or leaves and debris can also create blockages. A swept chimney will alleviate these problems immediately. An internal collapse of the internal brickwork/masonry can also lead to blockages, but this can lead to more expensive solutions being required including an aluminium liner being fitted. Archway Chimney Services can provide this service if it is deemed necessary.

Cold air within the chimney - The flue may need to be primed before burning anything and this simply involves heating up the flue. It is particularly prevalent on new chimneys or on chimneys built on the outside wall of the house rather than through the middle. A tall column of cold air in the flue will tend to sink, sending smoke back into the room. On older chimneys it may be that the flue requires a liner.

Fireplace dampers not open - The purpose of a fireplace damper is to prevent heat loss when the chimney is not in use. But it is important to open the damper before starting the fire in order that the dangerous gasses and smoke created by the fire can escape up the chimney.

Downdraughts - If smoke is remaining in the room on a regular basis this is unlikely, as this usually only occurs in windy conditions. A downdraught is caused by a higher pressure at the top of the chimney than in the room where the fire is. This could be among other things because the chimney is not high enough above the ridge, other structures are interfering with the airflow or the brickwork or mortar may be compromised. The chimney should be three feet higher than the highest point where it passes through the roofline, and at least two feet higher than any part of the house within ten feet of it. If the chimney is too short, downdraughts can be common especially (but not only) when it is windy. A solution might be to increase the height of the chimney.

The fireplace is too large - If the height and width of the fireplace opening is more than seven times the cross section of the flue, this can lead to smoke not escaping.

Efficient windows/doors - Sufficient air pressure is required to carry smoke up the flue. Sometimes windows and doors are so efficient, or if floors are solid concrete, there is not a sufficient volume of air for this process to work.

5Can I have an open fire where my old gas fire has been removed?
Generally this is possible, however it is imperative that you get the flue swept and inspected to ensure that there are no blockages and it is suitable for use. It may be that some internal work is required in order to be able to use the chimney. It is also important that the chimney is modified from one where a gas flue has been used to one where an open fire can be used. This may include removing a gas flue liner (especially where a back boiler has been installed) and replacing a gas cowl with a chimney pot and solid fuel cowl, as neither of these are suitable for use with open fires.

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