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If there is a doubt about the condition of a chimney, or you're going to use an old chimney after a long time, we'd recommend a smoke test. We also recommend smoke testing after the construction of masonry chimneys and on completion of all chimney installations. Our smoke tests can identify any faults which would, in turn, cause fumes to escape during normal operation of the chimney.

Flue assessment

Archway Chimney Services offers two types of smoke tests. The first test is a cold smoke test. This ensures that the chimney has a sufficient draw which carries all dangerous gases up the flue. We burn a smoke pellet in the fire opening to ensure that the smoke emerges from the correct terminal. We also check to see that there is no spillage or leakage into any of the rooms that the flue passes through. If the smoke is carried up the flue and it doesn't remain at the fire opening, it is a good indication that your flue is sound.

If the flue is capped or is filled with cold and moist air, we warm and prime the flue to aid the travel of smoke up the flue.


Pressure test

The second smoke test is a pressure test to ensure that the smoke doesn't escape through the flue's brickwork. We close the bottom and the top of the chimney during the test to generate a positive pressure in the flue. This can force the smoke, generated by the pellet, to escape through the gaps in the joints or the connections between prefabricated metal chimneys and flue pipes.

If there is a minor leakage, it's alright. However, if heavy smoke leakage is detected, we investigate the cause and rectify the issue. Whether it is broken components, incorrect fitting or incomplete jointing of flue liners, we can take corrective action promptly and efficiently.

They were exceptionally clean, tidy and professional. We had already had our chimney swept by another local sweep but when Archway came to inspect our smoking chimney, they performed another sweep and revealed what a poor job the previous company had done. They gave sound advice. Would recommend this company again.

- stephprowse136

Archway Chimney Services provides chimney smoke testing services for properties across Ware and Stanstead Abbotts.

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